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Musical Theatre Course

What will you learn?

Acting - Learn the basics of acting with monologue technique, script analysis, character analysis and stage movement. Working in teams broaden your thoughts with improvisation techniques. Audition procedure and preparation. Gaining an edge on the competition.

Dancing - Learn a variety of dance styles within your capabilities, suitable to your level of dancing.

Singing - Learn new song material suitable for a successful audition. You will develop skills for interpretation of different styles, historical learning by composer, music theatre history and iconic musicals. We will discuss industry details and aspects. Audition procedure and preparation. Choosing the right music for auditions, giving you the professional edge on the competition.

Music Skills - Learn basic keyboard technique, music theory and aural work.

Performance - Participation in a performance is required during this course. Additional opportunities for group work or plays and musicals will arise and are optional but encouraged. Once students enrol for this course they have access to all other classes at Stage Door School, after approval and arrangement with the Director.

Where does this get you?

Apart from gaining an edge in the competitive industry by learning some great new performance skills this course is registered as a WACE Course with the Curriculum Council of WA. On completion it is worth two units towards the student’s graduation certificate of Secondary Education.

Student’s schools are notified of their enrolment and registration is carried out through the school. To satisfy WACE requirements, 90% attendance is required and is strictly adhered to by Stage Door School.

This course continues to see success with many of students gaining entrance to WAAPA and other reputable university-level performance courses. There is no doubt that our students have the competitive edge for university auditions and future work opportunities after completing this course. 

Who can join?

This course is available for Year 10, 11, 12 and GAP year students from 2022.Places are limited for 12 students with acceptance after an interview and possible audition.

What is my commitment?

This is a 2-year part-time, after-hours course.
There are 22 weeks per year (11 classes per semester)
1 hour each class, 4 hours per week

Semester 1 2024:
Week beginning March 11th - June 10th

Semester 2 2024:
Week beginning July 22nd - October 14th 

How much does it Cost?

1st Year $4,400 and 2nd Year $3,300, GAP Year Students $5,500 (one year only)
See enrolment form for payment options. All prices include GST

Fees are payable per Semester by the first class of each Semester. Certificates are presented on completion and only on full payment of fees.

Full fees are payable if students withdraw from the course for whatever reason. This includes the option of time payments. Scholarships may be available for assistance with fees, please enquire. 

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